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Conservative Sentencing Reform: Politically Savvy, Morally Right

...  Sentencing Reform: Politically Savvy, Morally Right Most infamously, the Anti-Drug Abuse Act was criticized for discriminating against African-Americans by mandating a five-year sentence for possessing five grams of crack cocaine while imposing the same sentence for possession of… Continue reading

Teen Severs Arm 'at the Elbow' While Cleaning Pasta-Maker at Italian Restaurant

...  Boston-based private equity firm recently took over Habit OPCO Inc., the largest chain of substance treatment facilities in Massachusetts, with 13 locations from Boston to Springfield. Bain paid $ 58 million to acquire the for-profit centers through … Read… Continue reading

'Take Back Day' to Crack Down on Prescription Drug Abuse

...  Back Day' to crack down on prescription drug abuse TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – A drug epidemic is now exploding in teens and pre-teens. Prescription and over the counter medications are becoming the high of choice. On Saturday, law… Continue reading

What Is the Process of Getting Off Drugs? (Like Heroine, Cocaine, Anything Addictive)?

...  drug they’re addicted to in rehab. sometimes, and in some rehabs they have no drugs at all. Answer by Ryango to google and type “12 steps to aa” I think most addictions are treated with those. Philadelphia, PA Alcohol… Continue reading

What Do Drug Rehab Inpatient Centers Cost?

...  In larger cities they have meetings during the day, as well as evening, or night meetings. Don’t forget to take care of yourself through all of this. Scenes from Floyd County, Kentucky Illegal drug use adds $ 9 billion… Continue reading

The War on Drugs Faces New Threat: Heroin

...  war on drugs faces new threat: heroin A law-enforcement official who works undercover and remained anonymous for this article said the Montana Meth Project has largely “knocked out” methamphetamine use, but in the last seven years prescription drug abuse… Continue reading