Conservative Sentencing Reform: Politically Savvy, Morally Right

Conservative Sentencing Reform: Politically Savvy, Morally Right
Most infamously, the Anti-Drug Abuse Act was criticized for discriminating against African-Americans by mandating a five-year sentence for possessing five grams of crack cocaine while imposing the same sentence for possession of 500… Continue reading

Can You Go to a Regular Hospital to Get Off Drugs?

Question by : Can you go to a regular hospital to get off drugs?
Like ones with withdrawals that are dangerous unsupervised,like heroin and stuff like that
just curious

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Answer by rozlln
well idk if they will help… Continue reading

Teen Severs Arm 'at the Elbow' While Cleaning Pasta-Maker at Italian Restaurant

Teen severs arm 'at the elbow' while cleaning pasta-maker at Italian restaurant
According to the Watertown Daily Times, a supervisor at Massena Memorial tried to have Bouchard taken to the Fletcher Allen Health Center in Burlington, Vermont – which is… Continue reading

Other Therapeutic Options for Drug Dependents

Other Therapeutic Options for Drug Dependents
More and more Americans think nothing of going to the inner city to buy a sachet or two of cocaine or buzz up with Ecstasy in a trendy club. Alongside the uncontrolled narcotics …… Continue reading

6 City Cops Put on Leave as Beating of Suspect Is Probed

6 city cops put on leave as beating of suspect is probed
When police caught him, they found heroin, crack cocaine and marijuana on him and charged him with intending to sell some of the drugs. But before he was… Continue reading

'Take Back Day' to Crack Down on Prescription Drug Abuse

'Take Back Day' to crack down on prescription drug abuse
TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – A drug epidemic is now exploding in teens and pre-teens. Prescription and over the counter medications are becoming the high of choice. On Saturday, law… Continue reading