What Is the Process of Getting Off Drugs? (Like Heroine, Cocaine, Anything Addictive)?

Question by N/: what is the process of getting off drugs? (like heroine, cocaine, anything addictive)?
i was just curious because my brother was talking about his friend having to go to rehab to get off cocaine or something..but i don’t get how? like, how do they avoid the withdrawl and stuff? do they give them small doses of it each day or something until there completely off it or what?


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Answer by Amie
i think there is like 10 steps or something
1. admitting they have a problem
2. finding higher power
3. giving yourself to higher power……..continues. this is most commonly used in rehabs but not the norm.

generally in rehab they give them drugs that reduce withdrawals only to a degree, eg with heroin they would give them methadone. with cocaine probably something similar. they also would have classes designed to teach them about addictions, what to do if they feel like they’re going to relapse and give them general motivation to stay off the drug planning them for when they get out. generally they’re in a relaxed environment with friendly people.
And no, they would not give them the actual drug they’re addicted to in rehab. sometimes, and in some rehabs they have no drugs at all.

Answer by Ryan
go to google and type “12 steps to aa”
I think most addictions are treated with those.

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