Cocaine Use Signs

What Is the Process of Getting Off Drugs? (Like Heroine, Cocaine, Anything Addictive)?

Question by N/: what is the process of getting off drugs? (like heroine, cocaine, anything addictive)?
i was just curious because my brother was talking about his friend having to go to rehab to get off cocaine or something..but i… Continue reading

What Do Drug Rehab Inpatient Centers Cost?

drug rehab centers cost
by SS&SS

Question by MzLeen: What do drug rehab inpatient centers cost?
I have a loved one that needs rehab in the worst way. They need inpatient care. but there is no insurance and not much money. I am trying… Continue reading

Caregivers for Disabled Lament Medicaid Cuts

Caregivers for disabled lament Medicaid cuts
Indiana Medicaid funding has been cut for the past five years and pay for the state's personal care aides hasn't kept up with inflation. In 2012, more than a third of … More than… Continue reading

Israel Jails Made United Palestine

Israel Jails Made United Palestine
“When you consider that the most common treatment [in the IPS] for any ailments, whether it be the flu or cancer is Paracetamol [the mild analgesic acetaminophen], you begin to realize why so many prisoners… Continue reading

HELP! I’m Trying to Get Clean From Cocaine and Really Need Advice/help?

Question by : HELP! I’m trying to get clean from cocaine and really need advice/help?
so I have decided that, for my birthday tomorrow, I want to start getting clean off coke. i have already started to slow down, I’m… Continue reading

'We'Re All Paying:' Heroin Spreads Misery in US

'We're all paying:' Heroin spreads misery in US
It remains a small part of America's drug problem; cocaine, Ecstasy, painkillers and tranquilizers are all used more, and the latest federal overdose statistics show that in 2010 the vast majority of… Continue reading