Substance Abuse

The War on Drugs Faces New Threat: Heroin

...  official who works undercover and remained anonymous for this article said the Montana Meth Project has largely “knocked out” methamphetamine use, but in the last seven years prescription drug abuse has “shot through the roof … Read more on… Continue reading

Find a Drug Rehab Center in Upstate Ny?

...  by michelleonr: find a drug rehab center in upstate ny? Best answer: Answer by understandingrecoverygo to your phone book, look for one licensed by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services or e mail recovery… Continue reading

Will Tennessee Legalize the New Jane Crow?

...  by Dplanet:: Dearborn native Sean Madigan Hoen writes about punk, addiction in 'Songs … It's night and he, his mother and his younger sister, Caitlin, have no idea where his dad, a Ford Motor employee with a crack cocaine… Continue reading

Defiance OH Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Updated Substance Abuse Program

...  OH Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Updated Substance Abuse Program Defiance OH Alcohol Drug Rehab is launching an updated substance abuse program for adults and adolescents dealing with the power of drug addiction in Defiance and surrounding cities. For too… Continue reading

OxyContin Withdrawal and OxyContin Detox

...  Withdrawal and OxyContin Detox — OxyContin Withdrawal & OxyContin Detox – When going through OxyContin withdrawal, detox treatment is often needed and highly recommended. Tak… Newark OH Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Additional Substance Abuse … Newark OH Alcohol… Continue reading

When One Hears of Substance Abuse??? ?

...  by ChemStudent: When one hears of substance abuse??? ? When one hears of substance abuse one immediately thinks of illicit or illegal drugs. However, mind altering substances are legally prevalent in our society with their use having a… Continue reading