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Alcohol vs. Tobacco: Pick Your Poison

...  vs. Tobacco: Pick your poison By developing an addiction, I mean building a tolerance, having a dependence, and experiencing withdrawal symptoms. The New York Times even revealed through research in pharmacology, psychology, physiology and neurobiology that a nicotine addiction… Continue reading

Can't Quit Smoking? Blame Your Brain

...  Quit Smoking? Blame Your Brain In an effort to understand nicotine addiction, Dr. Tapper's team gave mice nicotine-laden water for six weeks until their brains, much like human brains, were hooked on the chemical. Then they took the… Continue reading

Why Do a Lot of Schizophrenics Like to Smoke Cigarettes and Drink Coffee?

...  smoking, schizophrenia – Schizophrenia Update, January 2004 A team of Toronto researchers has made a startling discovery about why people with schizophrenia are so much more likely than other people to be smokers. Medications that block dopamine – commonly… Continue reading

Harvest a Huge Crop of FREE Activities in Delaware County This Fall

...  Network Lamar Odom Cures Addiction Without Going on a Rehab? According to Hollywood Life, a security guard who used to work for him said that Lamar's alleged drug addiction has gotten out of hand that he showed signs of… Continue reading

Governor Quinn Signs Legislation to Protect the Health Illinois Youth

...  Quinn Signs Legislation To Protect the Health Illinois Youth The Governor was joined by legislators, health professionals, survivors of melanoma and their families, and teens who have recognized the dangers of skin cancer and nicotine addiction. Today's action… Continue reading

Serenity Vista Addiction Facility of Panama Leads the Way for Smoking

...  Vista Addiction Facility of Panama Leads the Way for Smoking … "She reached out for help. She called several treatment centers throughout North America to ask about treatment for her nicotine addiction. She was laughed at. Telling her… Continue reading