morphine addiction

Morphine Addiction and Morphine Abuse

Morphine Addiction and Morphine Abuse — Morphine Addiction & Morphine Abuse – Take the first step towards recovery – call 800-303-2938 and we’ll discuss the best treatment options a… 1984 – Tyson Ritter (All-American Rejects) (30) 1996 – Robert… Continue reading

Is There an Antidote or Treatment for the Cocaine?

...  authorities said. The drugs were believed to have a value of $ 702,130. The drugs were seized when a 2003 Ford … Read more on OCRegister Google Doodle Honors Dr. Percy Julian, Pioneering Medicinal Chemist Treatments for glaucoma and rheumatoid… Continue reading

Glory at the Fountain of Coca Cola

...  at the Fountain of Coca Cola It is interesting to note that cocaine was viewed at the time as a “cure” for morphine addiction. (Freud praised cocaine's curative properties in the 1880s, and became addicted to it in… Continue reading

Foods to Help You Stop Smoking

...  to help you stop smoking According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, nicotine may be as addictive as heroin, cocaine, or alcohol. For those who have tried medications like gum, patches or nasal sprays to no avail, a… Continue reading

What Exactly Are the Dangers of Cocaine?

...  the arrest and subsequent conviction of Panama’s de facto leader, Manuel Noriega . History of Cocaine Use Andean Indians have long chewed leaves of the coca plant to decrease hunger and increase their stamina for work. Chewing the leaves… Continue reading

Signs of Cocaine Addiction Episodes

...  Developments In Drug AddictionSSA (Selective Severity Assessment = 11 physiologic signs (e.g. pulse, temperature, tremors) are assessed to confirm severity of addiction to drug use can occur during or after successful treatment episodes. Mecamylamine appears to block environmental cued… Continue reading