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Farage Blames BT Advert for Useless Degrees – as He Calls for Britain to

...  blames BT advert for useless degrees – as he calls for Britain to … The UK Independence Party leader made the highly controversial claim that Portugal, where drugs were decriminalised 12 years ago, may have a 'more enlightened' approach.… Continue reading

Sinclair Warns of Cuts to Residential Schools Victims' Program

...  Cowboys has been reissued by distributor Magnolia Releasing in a Reloaded edition that runs an hour longer than the original cut. Without that original movie … In fact it had the … Read more on DVD Talk Heroin: No… Continue reading

The Ripple Effect of Heroin in New Hamphire

...  Ripple Effect Of Heroin In New Hamphire Quinn says the increase in the use of the powder form of the drug in the past few years has caused a ripple effect in New Hampshire's law enforcement system. Crime is… Continue reading

Canada's Health Minister Fails to Explain Ottawa's Policies on Harm Reduction

...  have discovered impaired neuronal activity in the parts of the brain associated with anticipatory functioning among occasional 18- to 24-year-old users of stimulant drugs, such as cocaine, amphetamines and prescription drugs such as … Read more on UCSD Medical… Continue reading

I’m Feeling Hopeless. What Do I Do?

...  happy… And in turn that will be felt by your fam Nan Goldin: 'I wanted to get high from a really early age' She found her voice, she says, at Satya, the "hippy school" in Lincoln, Massachusetts that she… Continue reading

Signs/symptoms of Crack Cocaine Use?

...  by Duchess D: signs/symptoms of crack cocaine use? Best answer: Answer by acknogGapped teeth,rotten teeth,yellow eyeballs with dialated pupils,talking to the sky or ground Facing heroin's deadly menace In addition to hosting education and awareness events like this one,… Continue reading