Poliovirus Kills College Student's Brain Tumor

Poliovirus kills college student's brain tumor
SPARTANBURG, S.C. – It is an incredible story of a girl with a rare and deadly form of cancer seemingly saved by a shocking experimental treatment at Duke Medical Center. Don't let her easy… Continue reading

Supreme Court to Weigh Cellphone Searches

Supreme Court to Weigh Cellphone Searches
Law-enforcement advocates argue phones are similar to other personal effects found on someone at the time of arrest: Police can go through photos, address books and similar materials found on a person without obtaining… Continue reading

Dating a Recovering Alcoholic?

Question by : Dating a recovering alcoholic?
I have been with this guy for over 2 years, and he has increasingly gotten better and better, but when I met him he was drinking every weekend, sometimes on binges that would… Continue reading

Morphine Addiction and Morphine Abuse

Morphine Addiction and Morphine Abuse — http://cswf.org Morphine Addiction & Morphine Abuse – Take the first step towards recovery – call 800-303-2938 and we’ll discuss the best treatment options a…

1984 – Tyson Ritter (All-American Rejects) (30)
1996 – Robert… Continue reading

Heroin on Campus

Heroin on Campus
“Frankly, there was not a lot of discussion about hard drug use before last month because our surveying data suggested it's at very low level and we didn't have any kind of event that drew our attention… Continue reading

The Great 'Yaba' Epidemic

The great 'Yaba' epidemic
In 1996, as the Thai police started to encounter its effects on young users, they coined a new name for it — yaba (madness drug). With the market in Thailand … Tarique is seated in the… Continue reading