Need Hope.. What Are the Statistics of Full Recovery for One That Used Crack?

Question by Keepin’_my_head_up: Need hope.. What are the statistics of full recovery for one that used Crack?
Please… serious answers only.

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Answer by peahi wahine
I’m sorry, but statistics are really unimportant. What matters is the strength, courage, and support, that the addict has to stop using.

Please attend a local Narc-Anon meeting and ask them what they think.

Answer by naughtiest_nurse_of_em_all
Given that crack cocaine does major damage to the brain it is not likely that a full recovery will occur. That said, there are plenty of people who live fairly normal lives after spending a long time abusing drugs. You may always have some residual damage, but your brain is an amazing thing and it can compensate for damage by rewiring itself. Good luck!!

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