Crack Cocaine

Spoon for Drugs??

Question by : Spoon for drugs??
Found a real small spoon with a triangular looking end on it with burn marks on it and a lighter also,I know it’s used for drugs but what kind of drugs?
Could it be… Continue reading

Crack Cocaine & the Effect on the Male Sperm?

Question by lovehurts12802: Crack Cocaine & the Effect on the male sperm?
I was curious as to find out if anyone knows what the effect of smoking crack cocaine is on the male sperm..if a guy is on crack will… Continue reading

Difference Between Cocaine and Crack?

Question by amee: difference between cocaine and crack?
okay so if you smoke cocaine is it crack? can you smoke pure cocaine? what’s the difference between crack cocaine and free base cocaine? are they just fancy names for… Continue reading

Will Tennessee Legalize the New Jane Crow?

Will Tennessee legalize the New Jane Crow?
Medical studies have begun to debunk the most sensational stereotypes surrounding infants born to crack-addicted parents. … of claims that so-called "crack babies" are physically, mentally and emotionally damaged, doomed to be future… Continue reading

How Long Does Crack Stay in Your System?

Question by Christine J: how long does crack stay in your system?

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Answer by Matt
If ur worried about gettin a drug test don’t take crack. Junkie

Answer by David
The plasma half life of crack cocaine is… Continue reading

Is My Boyfriend Using Cocaine Again?

Question by : Is my boyfriend using cocaine again?
I have this sneaking suspicion that my boyfriend has starting using cocaine again. It’s really upsetting given that he has been clean and sober (alcohol and cocaine) for 4 years. I… Continue reading