Crack cocaine

Alcohol vs. Tobacco: Pick Your Poison

...  an addiction, I mean building a tolerance, having a dependence, and experiencing withdrawal symptoms. The New York Times even revealed through research in pharmacology, psychology, physiology and neurobiology that a nicotine addiction is … Read more on The Slate… Continue reading

Spoon for Drugs??

...  be meth, that drug can be used just about everyway possible, but isn’t real big where I live so can’t give you a straight answer about that. Loris police reports for week of April 14 Investigation at the scene… Continue reading

What Is Facts of Drug?

by Renegade98 Question by : what is facts of drug? what is facts of drugs Best answer: Answer by tropnhof.If you go through life without drugs and alcohol, you will be much more productive than if you have a life… Continue reading

Crack Cocaine & the Effect on the Male Sperm?

...  by lovehurts12802: Crack Cocaine & the Effect on the male sperm? I was curious as to find out if anyone knows what the effect of smoking crack cocaine is on the male sperm..if a guy is on crack will… Continue reading

The War on Drugs Faces New Threat: Heroin

...  war on drugs faces new threat: heroin A law-enforcement official who works undercover and remained anonymous for this article said the Montana Meth Project has largely “knocked out” methamphetamine use, but in the last seven years prescription drug abuse… Continue reading

Difference Between Cocaine and Crack?

by BANAMINE Question by amee: difference between cocaine and crack? okay so if you smoke cocaine is it crack? can you smoke pure cocaine? what’s the difference between crack cocaine and free base cocaine? are they just fancy names for… Continue reading