Is a Gambling Adddiction as Bad as Other Addictions?

Question by pmuzzy58: Is a gambling adddiction as bad as other addictions?
My husband works with someone who has a horrible gambling problem. The person is in terrible debt. Their paychecks are being garnished by a creditor for nearly $ 1000 a month! They are close to having their car repossessed. They are also close to being fired from their job because of poor work performance.

I have a family member who has a very bad crack cocaine addiction. He has lost almost everything and everyone in his life. He spends close to all of his disability check on drugs and maybe homeless. We haven’t heard from him in nearly 60 days.

My husband came home distressed about his co-worker. I know very little about gambling addictions. I have training from working in a rehab facility for drug and alcohol addiction for 1 year. I know the problems that these addictions can cause people. Will my husband’s co-worker need an intervention or will they end up similar to drug/alcohol addicts? Thanks for any help so that I can relay the information to my husband.

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Answer by JD
well gambling might not lead to death such as can happen with drugs, yet any addiction that has so much control over someone that it disrupts his/her life is pretty much equal to any other addiction that does the same thing. and the solution is the same – stop and get one’s life back together to achieve success and happiness.

Answer by Jen Lori Ann
Well nothing wrong with gamble addicts if he can afford it. Bill Gate can gamble all day long and still never gone broke of from it.

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